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Spreading the Goodness of

Raw A2 Protein Milk




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moolrasa is natural raw A2 protein milk from native cows. 

No Hormones.

 No Antibiotics.

No Additives.

Your family's 

morning nutrition

moolrasa is richer in proteins, butterfat and flavor than any other cow milk or pasteurized milk.

Raw Desi Cow Milk in Bottle
33% more vitamin D
12% more protein
25% more vitamin A
15% more calcium
30% more cream

What is A2 protein milk?

Cow milk generally is a mix of A1 and A2 protein types. A2 protein is easy to digest than the A1 protein and has various health benefits. 

 Pure A2 protein milk comes from cows that naturally produce only A2 milk. Keeping the entire herd that produces only A2 milk is passionate endeavour.   


As one of the largest natural, raw, A2 protein milk producer; we define and create standards for raw milk in India.

Real milk must be produced under sanitary and healthy conditions to keep it safe and healthy food.  It is important that the cows are healthy and do not have any infections. The cows should receive balanced nutrition. Milking must be under sanitary conditions and the milk chilled immediately. The milk should be full-cream milk, as many important anti-microbial and health-supporting components are in the fat.

Milk Facts You Must Know...

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