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Milk Prevents Disease

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

In this video, Dr. Bruce German, one of the top milk researchers in the world, gives a compelling summary of the benefits of milk from ancient times to now.

Humanity's 10,000-year beneficial history with milk was with RAW MILK, and humans even developed a gene that allows digestion of milk. Raw Milk is a "complete, comprehensive diet" and epidemiological studies have shown that consumption of milk is associated with lower rates of death from heart disease, stroke, cancers, and diabetes.

Modern pasteurized milk has become one of the foremost allergenic foods. However, RAW MILK has the huge advantage of containing a variety of living bacteria that facilitate the production of lactase enzymes in the intestines; many people who have problems digesting pasteurized milk can consume raw milk with no problems.

Compared to pasteurized milk, RAW MILK contains significantly more vitamins and minerals, in addition to beneficial enzymes and probiotics. RAW MILK has provided humanity with superb health benefits for at least 10,000 years!

Moolrasa a2 milk is supple, odorless and sweet. It's ideal to stick to plain milk and avoid any additives as natural RAW milk sugar has many health benefits.

Over the past three years, moolrasa has been delivering natural, raw A2 protein milk (desi cow milk) directly to our communities in Hyderabad. Call us today to know more: +91 9100515253.

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