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Feeding your Gut is Investing in Immunity

First things first! What is immunity for you and how do you stay immune from sickness and disease?

Dawn to dusk we take great pain to stay away from sickness, don't we? Starting with brushing well, washing hands frequently, disinfecting our living spaces, scrubbing dirty surfaces clean, avoiding crowded places, not sticking our hands into the mud, washing hands frequently, not touching surfaces, staying away from large crowds, and wearing protective layers of clothes and skin.

Gosh, we do a lot to stay away from sickness and disease. Even after all this our bodies are not immune!

We do fall prey to germs and develop chronic diseases! In a world filled with bacterial infections and viruses like the flu, common colds, and allergies our immune system is constantly threatened.

How then do you boost your immune system?

Your best defense against pathogens is a very strong immune system that works 24-7!

Build your GUT. Take care of your gut, and it takes care of your health.

Your gut may be the LAST place you think of when you think of your immune system. The gut’s delicate microbiome (inside your body) plays a very important role in your immune system. Keeping your gut biome healthy and thriving needs probiotic foods, but consuming sterile, highly processed foods, and taking broad-spectrum antibiotics disturbs the gut microbiome; therefore, weakening your immune system.

Eat & Drink a lot of probiotic foods to improve the gut biome. Curd, buttermilk, and kefir made from raw (unpasteurized) milk are the easiest and most readily available probiotic foods.

Eating unprocessed foods, drinking raw milk, consuming probiotic food, and choosing foods that are nutrient-dense provide a diversity of bacteria in your gut.

The good news is, you can naturally boost your immune system by consuming nutrient-dense foods like raw milk!

The human Gut is the Power House of Health

The human body is extremely resilient, even after we subject it to unhealthy foods; highly processed foods, and exposure to toxins and stress. Our bodies will more than likely very often bounce back with their inner power of microbiomes before it falls apart. When we feed our body with processed or denatured foods, it will react and send signals of discomfort. However, over long periods of time, the body can experience health issues and major digestive problems.

Raw milk, along with other natural foods aid your gut build the microbiomes that fight back inflammations and diseases. Raw milk is delicious and non-allergenic, and your body knows exactly how to digest it. Humans have consumed raw milk for 10,000 years. When you drink unprocessed raw milk your gut will thrive.  Raw milk is a whole food that gives your body the much-needed vital immune-boosting nutrition it needs to become strong and healthy.

Enzymes, probiotics, immune factors, healthy fats, heat-sensitive proteins, vitamins, and calcium are just some of the noted essential nutrients found in whole raw milk.


Moolrasa a2 milk is supple, odorless, and sweet; it’s the way milk’s meant to be.

Over the past four years, moolrasa has been delivering natural, raw A2 protein milk (desi cow milk) directly to our communities in Hyderabad. Call us today to know more: +91 9100515253.

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