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How Much Sugar in Milk is Good?

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

It is important for us parents to know if milk has sugar, should we be adding sugar to it and is it safe? Here are the facts for you.

No sugar is added artificially to any natural milk brand, such as moolrasa A2 milk, regardless of fat content (whole milk, toned milk, skimmed milk). The creamy, delicious taste of pure raw milk comes from naturally occurring lactose, and it’s part of a nutrient-dense desi cow milk that is infused with vitamins and protein.

All natural milk that is raw and unadultrated has 12g of sugar for one glass (230 ml) of milk.

While milk has 12g of sugar naturally, most of the kids are drawn to flavoured milk or various popular health energy supplements like horlicks, bournvita, complan etc.,. While these supplements have additional protein and carbohydrates, they also have sugar within the rage of 14g to 70g depending on the brand. When you use these milk supplements the total sugar intake per glass of milk, including the 12g of natural sugar in milk, will be in the range of 26g to 92g. Over and above this some kids are accustomed to top up with more sugar, a spoonful, which makes the over all sugar intake to 50g to 130g.

Do not add sugar to A2 Milk
Adding unheaped sugar may add up to your daily sugar intake

If you wonder whether the natural sugar in milk is bad, the answer is no. It’s part of a well-balanced diet for you and your kids. Generally all foods and beverages with naturally occurring sugars, like fresh fruit or milk, also have vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein that’s essential to help your kids grow healthy and strong. On the other hand, the sugar that comes through the supplements or is artificially added is definitely not healthy. While added sugar has fructose, natural milk sugar (lactose) is a disaccharide sugar made of glucose and galactose. However, if you're really adding any of the supplements in the milk for your kids, be specific to monitor with the proportion of sugar intake.

We only require 4 teaspoon or 16.8g of sugar in day and anything more than this gets stored as fat in our body. The carbohydrates that take through the day also convert into glucose and adds up to the total intake of sugar per day. Excess sugar in milk increases blood sugar levels in the body reducing insulin activity and leading to long term health hazards.

Moolrasa a2 milk is supple, odourless and sweet. It's ideal to stick to the plain milk and avoid any additives as natural milk sugar has many health benefits.

Over the past two years, moolrasa has been delivering natural, raw A2 protein milk (desi cow milk) directly to our communities in Hyderabad. Call us today to know more: +91 9100515253.

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